My Own Tribe!!!

Blog Post #3

What’s up my Merridudes!

So I’ve been reading your comments and you’ve helped convince me that I need to ditch Ralph. I’ve  always kind of disliked him, as you know, but today was the straw that broke the camel’s’ back. We were talking about how to deal with the beast and Ralph totally dissed my hunters! He called them “boys with sticks” I couldn’t stand for something like this, so I called a meeting myself to start my new tribe. I told them all what Ralph said so they would come with me, but none of them came at first. Once they realized that I was a much better choice than that loser Ralph, I got almost all of them. He can’t even hunt for them! While they starve, my tribe and I will feast every night thanks to me.

Speaking of feasts, that’s how I finally won them over. I threw a huge one with as much meat as they could eat and everybody showed up, even Ralph and Piggy! I guess they already started to see how much I had been doing for them and how much they needed me. As I thought would happen, they were too caught up in their rules and ideologies to admit they were wrong and join my tribe. I’m getting a ton of good info on how to lead it from this article:

Anyways, after I got a bunch of people in my tribe, we thought we saw the beast. We circled around it and beat it to death all together so it couldn’t get away. Instead of the beast, it was actually just Simon. The dark made it so hard to see that we couldn’t tell. So now Simon’s dead and the beast is probably still out there. It’s kind of ironic considering he was one of the first people to believe in the beast.

                                                                                                                                                 Until next time,

                                                                                                                                                   Jack Merridew

Author: Jack Merridew

I am a first class hunter and tribe leader who can also hold a c-sharp easily.

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